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About Us
Security CEO Founder

Alex Zamora

Security Tax was established in 2014. Founder & CEO Alex Zamora for many years worked in the tax service industry prior to the grand opening of Security Tax in 2014. During his early years in the tax service industry Alex encountered several issues that he believed should be addressed. The 1st issue Alex noticed was the integrity of the Tax Pros within the tax service industry.

He believed that Tax Preparation was a serious business and the tax professionals within the industry should handle it with the same integrity which was not evident.

Secondly, Alex believed that knowledge & expertise was a must to meet the needs of their clients and this was not apparent.

Finally, Alex believed in affordable pricing that would satisfying his client’s needs this was his #1 priority! Many times, clients turned away due to high fees with low value and the opportunity to serve them never occurred because of high cost.

In 2014 this all changed! Alex set out to set a new standard for the tax service industry. Since our grand opening in 2014, Security Tax has been instilling the passion back into the tax service industry, along with integrity, & the intelligence of our tax professionals!

Our promise to our clients is, their taxes completed with integrity, intelligence, and passion. Have a peace of mind this season…Be more than sure…Be Secure!

About Us

Our team


Our promise to our clients is the best tax preparation service ever, guaranteed and the most reliable source for Tax preparation!


Our Tax professionals have more than 10 years of tax knowledge! We are the experts who are always learning and striving to getting better for our clients!


At Security Tax we strive to provide the ultimate tax filing experience for our clients! Through the passionate efforts of our team we provide high level expertise to meet our clients tax needs and expectations!